A Cry for Help: Knitting and Drug Addiction

It is well documented that knitting is a useful tool for beating, or at least staving off the troublesome cravings of alcohol and drug addiction. For newly sober folks, shifting their focus onto an obsessive, all consuming pursuit like knitting is far less fatal than their alternative.knitting needles

But let’s look at the real dangers of knitting? Since I began my first project three months ago I have been unable to make my bed, do my laundry or tend to my plants. I miss appointments, don’t call my mother and avoid all social activities. I have traded my life for the very real addiction that is knitting.

My first project, a scarf, came out great. From then I was hooked. The matching hat, knit in the round – in the round – was equally as pleasurable. Since then, I have not allowed a single day to pass where I wasn’t running home to my needles. Wash cloths, bags, blankets, there’s so much to knit. I just got a pattern for a Starbucks coffee cup sleeve. I can make 50 by Christmas.

My Friends Are Worried

I find myself in mid-conversation with close friends wishing they would hurry up and let me get on with my projects. The boyfriend has conducted entire conversations with me that I don’t even remember. I’m a black-out knitter.

Other than still having all of my teeth, there is virtually no difference between my cravings for needles and those of a heroin addict. I need help.