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December 2015 Horoscopes

ARIES March 21- April 19

The time could not be righter for you to make hard and fast New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions will mark the beginning of a short-term career goal you’ve been secretly eyeing since summer of 2013. Right now, you have the vision and passion to shoot your career out of the stratosphere. Take on that leadership position you are destined for. About two years from now, when a colleague says to you, “Did you ever imaging making it this far,” you will answer matter-of-factly “Yes.”

TAURUS April 20 – May 20

Right in the middle of opening night chaos for the Good Shepard in NYC, Angelina whisked Brad away to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water home for a single evening of natural, quiet beauty. Your life may take on similar properties, contrasting high profile obligations with sudden, necessary moments of stark solitude. The trick here is to remember that when everyone is clambering for your attention, these quiet retreats are as easy to come by as a simple “would you excuse me for a moment.” This month, as long as you’re always planning your next get-away, you’ll be able to handle the cheering fans and frenzied paparazzi with ease and grace.

GEMINI May 21 – June 21

Some infants don’t say anything for two years and then suddenly start speaking in full sentences. You may have been feeling like an interested observer, Gemini – watching how things are done, but not quite ready to take the reigns. Well, you’re ready now. This month you’ll feel a new sense of eagerness to start talking; and what you’ll say will be so dead-on that people will have to take notice. You can’t keep quiet when you know there’s a better alternative. The beginning of 2016 will be about telling it like it is. If you see a flaw in the system, don’t be afraid to share your solution with the crowd. Once you get going, you’ll dazzle your colleagues. You may even surprise yourself.

CANCER June 22 – July 22

Reap what you hath sown. This is your New Year’s mantra Cancer. You’ve spent the better part of 2015 planning a large-scale future and here it is. Now it’s time to get used to all benefits, as well as the responsibilities of being one of a privileged class. There are those who plan, check, do, act and those who make sweeping changes in their lives and worry about consequences later. In the coming year, you will surely have your share of joy, wonder and a kind of glorious chaos that you may already be getting used to.
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