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A Place for Mom Year in Review

December 2015 Blog Traffic

The blog had a great December, traffic-wise, with a YOY increase of 57% and 471 Goal Completions (169% more than December 2014)

Articles and Resources saw a 44% lift in traffic over December of last year, largely due to the Tough Conversations holiday campaign.

december graph

december numbers

Year to Date vs Previous Year – All Traffic

Overall traffic to the blog (SEO, email and inbound links) rose 62% in 2015, driving over 5,615 Goal Completions (221% more than last year).

all traffic graph

all traffic numbers

Year to Date vs Previous Year – Organic (SEO) Traffic to Blog

Organic (SEO) traffic from search engines rose 84.4% and drove 1,928 Goal Completions (360% over last year).

SEO Graph

SEO numbers

Killer Content

A new style of blog post has proven a real win, both in traffic and conversions. This advertorial-style piece was created with lots of bold calls to action. It drove more conversions than any blog post in December with a conversion rate of 13.29% (about 4x higher than other well-performing posts). It also spiked our download traffic tremendously after the Tough Conversations campaign concluded. We’re currently testing this style on Facebook, and you’ll surely see more of these in the future.

Free Guide

The article was the lead story in the US newsletter sent on Sunday 12/20 and the last story sent Sunday 12/27 (a position usually with very low conversion). Good opportunity here for that lower tray of the newsletter, as well as infusing our current evergreen articles with this editorial style.

Top Traffic by Goal Completions (Blog/Resources) – December 2015
december top posts

It’s been a great year. Looking forward to more content testing in 2016!!